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Shamanic Wisdom: Learning Important Lessons in Every Lifetime

Shamanic Wisdom: Learning Important Lessons in Every Lifetime Jan Engels-Smith

Choice or free will refers to how you choose to relate to your life's conditions. You can always choose your reaction to any given circumstance, which means that variables can change instantaneously with each choice. Your choices have direct impact both on your physical life and on the growth of your soul.

You Choose Every Life Experience You Have

Each lifetime will grant you a different perspective and facilitate new awareness. Each will provide physical experience for the soul. You may spend several lifetimes experiencing the hardships of life without any inclination to seek God or enlightenment. However, there will come a time when your soul asks you to wake up, to pay attention, and to look at the big picture of life. Questions like, "What is the purpose of life?", "Who am I?", and "What is God?" will arise in you. You will begin to search for answers. This may take many lifetimes and numerous answers, each with a variation of experience and exposure. In the end, every soul will reach enlightenment because every soul is a reflection of God.

You may wonder why anybody would choose negative life experiences like sexual molestation, alcoholism, or being born into warring or starving countries; however, each life has a divine plan with necessary experiences for the soul. All life experience adds to personal growth. No life is a waste; there are no mistakes. No lifetime is judged to be better than another, because each is a chosen experience toward enlightenment.