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Secrets of the Whale Libraries, Parts Three and Five

Secrets of the Whale Libraries, Parts Three and Five Almine

Secret Three: Abundant and Authentic Living

"Kishat ararech minetvi huraras kilechba husanet echparurarek esetvi manunach petreve skluharu-bat." Our core fears seek resolution and obstruct the effortless flow of the divine expressing through us. A prominent fear is lack of abundance. Abundance is enhanced by praise and gratitude.

"Spererech nispa arurat misenech vribasbi huret vrispechva misurut kletvavi." Praise is an exalted state of being that lives above appearances and acknowledges the fullness of the moment.

Knowing the Perfection of the Larger Picture

Soul, body, and spirit are the vehicles of illusion formed from the stories and identities of the past. They deliberately create trigger events that bring back issues from the past in order to strengthen their existence by having us repeating those former events. As we become aware of events influencing us from the past, we can view them briefly from a perspective of being as vast as the cosmos and then shift our focus to the fullness of the moment. Like the stalk of grass blowing in the wind, we can know the perfection of the larger picture manifesting through its parts, even if it cannot be seen.