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The Protective Double Bubble

The Protective Double Bubble Barbara Rother

I am sure there are people who feel well protected from the situations that occur in life. They have a certain confidence where they know that all is well in their worlds and that harmful circumstances will simply pass them by. However, we are humans living in a world that sometimes has its challenges, and a little help can benefit our abilities to face anything that comes our way.

It is important to have the right perspective in how to deal with life. You can be a pessimist, worry about every minute detail, and thus create an even worse disorder. I learned this lesson early in my life at the age of twenty-two. My husband Steve and I were in a difficult financial learning lesson. We were both overjoyed about becoming first-time parents but were unaware what would happen next.

I was almost nine months pregnant and had quit my job so I could stay home with the baby. Next, the company Steve worked for decided to have a major string of employee layoffs, and he was left without a job. As if this wasn't bad enough, our car broke down and needed a new engine. I remember it as if it were yesterday: I yelled loudly at Steve, "What else can go wrong?!" Spirit must have heard me and laughed, because then I was shown what else could go wrong!