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Practicing the Flow

Practicing the Flow Rhonda Smith

February 2013 (26/8): This month is full of easy-flowing external energies for you to experience. Take responsibility for your own power and authority while you learn that the flow of giving and receiving is the basis of any unification. This vibration gives you the ability to connect with your wisdom, which enables you to handle situations and the people involved in them. You also have the ability to accumulate abundance — as long as you stay balanced and wisely use it as an asset to yourself and others. The goal is to meet your "need" to unify and organize by staying in balance, knowing that service brings power and unity brings the force to move forward.

February 1 to February 2, 2013 ([55])

These two days give you the opportunity to experience the mastery of life energies as an individual. Experiences will help you to be independent and accept the leadership you have in your life. There may be extreme changes as you master the life energies of all kingdoms — mineral, plant, animal, and human. This brings the destruction of the old consciousness of power over things and establishes the new consciousness of awareness of all life and that you are part of it and connected to it. That enables all of us to understand that the true force of life is power with. Inherent within this knowledge is the universal law of justice, not judgment. Be prepared to be energized and to balance and use this vitality to pick up the new archetypes to live by: cooperation, peace, trust, and abundance.

Although these two days will have an underlying sense of intensity, the energies of each day will be normal. Friday you will be presented with situations in which you must choose whether to let something go or to keep it for further use. You will make those determinations based on your inner knowing of who you are. Saturday will have you thinking of your part of the divine plan and how you can live it.