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Move with Mother Earth

Move with Mother Earth The Novenian Masters through Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings, dear ones! It is our pleasure to be with you on this, your new day. We wish to speak with you about the transition that you are going through at this time. We wish to help you to comprehend that which is occurring within the hearts of humanity, within the heart of your planet, and within your own heart. You have all begun to embrace a new journey. This is a new beginning that you are stepping into. Humanity has been called by Earth to join her as she begins to birth a new vibration. Many of you have made the choice to lay down old perceptions and return to love and unity. We congratulate you. We welcome you, and we are grateful.

Awakening to a New Conscious Awareness

Your collective journey was initiated with the abandonment of the old way of being, and the adoption of a new perception. Humanity as a collective is beginning to act in a heart-centered way. You are awakening to a new conscious awareness. The idea that all life is interwoven has been adopted as a true belief by many of you. When this understanding is firmly planted in your heart — as a true belief, not just an intellectual concept — you are awakened, enlightened, and inspired. You are inspired to share your knowledge, share your talents, and spread the love that you have around, for you begin to recognize that what you share, you also receive. Your heart begins to open to the beauty within and around you, and a smile shines through. Your eyes behold your world in a new light, and you awaken to a new vibration. When you begin this journey, you may find that old patterns of belief will surface and attempt to drag you back into old ways of being. Breathe, relax, and examine those old beliefs. By keeping an open heart and examining your old, worn-out patterns, you will be able to transmute them through your desire to understand them. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself, and know that it is all part of the birthing process.

Many of you who are listening know that we are speaking to you because you have a strong desire to keep your heart open. You want to feel a connection with the Earth Mother, the universal energies that come from above, and all your relations. We say to you: You are there. You are on the doorstep of a new vibration. Your desire and your determination make it so. When all these elements are combined and your heart is aligned with those energies, you are ready. Step into a new vibration. Let your words, thoughts, and actions reflect that love. Give the love that you feel within your being out freely. Let that love flow abundantly from you and out into your world. Shower it on yourself. Honor that love.