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Motivation for Service: Purpose Is Who You Are

Motivation for Service: Purpose Is Who You Are Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Many of you have ideas and notions of service that declare it to be specific activities. Old understandings generally associate service with sacrifice. If there is a sense of sacrifice, then you have given and you have given in service. From our perspective, anything that is done in the aura of sacrifice is done in the belief of suffering. If you are operating in sacrifice, then you are reinforcing the energy of suffering. Either you're suffering and you're sacrificing in your suffering to seemingly assist someone else, or they're suffering and you're alleviating their suffering through your sacrifice. The belief in suffering is a necessary component in the sense of sacrifice, and it has a primary relationship to some of the old understandings of what service is.

True Service Is Rooted in Self-Empowerment

From our perspective, service is a natural, inherent, organic method of simply being human on this planet. In the sense of being who and what you are, you are in service. You are in service to yourself. You are in service to others. It isn't about sacrifice. It isn't about specific things that you would do. It isn't about anything you would normally identify as service, such as as helping, assisting, caregiving, or taking responsibility for anyone or anything.

Service is that which emerges out of the human nature of your being in the process of knowing yourself as powerful. A very big part of being of service has to do with self-empowerment. It doesn't have to do with sacrifice at all. In fact, it has to do with really knowing that you are powerful, that you have impact, that you have the ability through the very nature of your being, through the very sense of self that is who and what you are, to affect Earth and others around you.