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Making Soulful Choices

Making Soulful Choices The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We are showing a series of crossed roads, crossed paths, and crossed streets. Imagine that you are walking through a lush, green forested area. As you walk along the path, you see an option to go up to the right. You see an option up to the left. You see the option to go straight ahead. Imagine this right now in a very calm and receptive state. Which would you choose?

These three options are not promises of a better future, because you would select one. They really are examples of the freedom of choice. As long as you are quiet and centered within, the next path choice will always be exactly what you were supposed to choose.

For many of you connecting with this message, you were sensing for the entire year of 2012 the presence of change, the presence of shift. Some of you felt this more urgently than others.