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Long-Distance Healing — a Journey of Love

Long-Distance Healing — a Journey of Love Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today, we are talking about long-distance healing, so I want to mention one of the foremost long-distance healers, Saint Valentine, who lived 1,800 years ago. This saintly person was a pure healer because he healed in love. The story goes something like this.

Saint Valentine's Story

The Romans jailed Valentine because he was a Christian and a healer. Toward the end of his life, his jailer, whose daughter was epileptic, heard that Valentine could cure epilepsy. So the jailer asked Valentine if he could heal his daughter of the disorder. Valentine said, "I do not know. We could give it a try." Now, if you look on the Internet, you will read that the jailer's daughter was cured of blindness, which was true, but what they do not tell you is that the blindness was caused by epilepsy. Valentine reminded the jailer that he could not leave the jail to do the healing, so the jailer said, "Well, I will tell you what I will do. I will get you a special cell, and it will be out of the population a little bit, and I will bring my daughter, and you can heal her here." Valentine said, "No problem."

So the jailer brought his daughter into the jail. Valentine had to reach through the bars of his cell to put his hands on the girl, so he told the jailer that it would be easier if the jailer would allow the girl into the cell. The jailer opened the cell and allowed his daughter in there with Valentine, while he watched. The prison population was astounded. They could not believe that the jailer would put his daughter in a cell with a man who they thought was crazy. After letting Valentine see his daughter three times, once outside the bars and twice inside, the jailer finally told Valentine, "I can no longer bring her here, because my boss will have a fit." Valentine said, "That is all right. I will do the healing long-distance."