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Listen to the Music

Listen to the Music Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings, my beautiful beings of light. Your very own songs are playing in your spiritual hearts. Are you listening? My beloveds, your guidance is all around you. Your guardian angels are standing right behind you in each moment. Ask them for a physical sign to help you recognize very clearly their presence in your life. When you ask, you need to be open to allow that communication to manifest itself however it needs to. Don't put expectations or limitations on how that communication will look or be perceived, and just know without a shadow of a doubt that your angels will be communicating with you. They need your permission.

Many times, my beautiful beings of grace, you put qualifications and human expectations on etheric essences or etheric events, and the two really are so far removed from each other that it is simply silly.

Tune into your spiritual hearts, my divine beings of love, and listen for your very own song that is constantly playing there just for you. When you were birthed into the universe, an original song was created for each of you. When you left the etheric realms to come into physical form, that very song was placed into your spiritual hearts to help you remember that you are not these physical bodies but magnificent spiritual beings. You are so powerful in the etheric that a single touch of your human finger to your ethereal essence would knock the socks off of a mere mortal.