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It’s Time for a Spiritual Treasure Hunt

It’s Time for a Spiritual Treasure Hunt Archangel Michael through Ronna

"The human body is a magnetic pole within the spectrum of light and shadow. The physical vessel is a complex organism that contains the essence elements of all the lower dimensions — mineral, vegetable, and animal — as well as the stardust elements of Creator light."

Beloved masters, the spiritual treasure hunt began in earnest when you, the starseeds, started to respond to the nudgings of Spirit in the last half of the twentieth century. The vibrational frequencies of spiritual, mental, and emotional awareness are bombarding Earth and humanity in full force. However, you must have prepared yourself to receive this magnificent gift beyond compare.

Tuning in to the Frequencies of Love, Joy, and Compassion

The treasures and miracle cures you are seeking can be found by tuning in to the frequencies of love, joy, and compassion. You must learn to maintain a loving indifference to small slights, differences, and disappointments. You have millions of cellular response triggers. Some are very powerful, and some are quite weak, with many frequency levels in between.