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The First Lesson of Time

The First Lesson of Time The Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home.

Awakening the Child Within

This day has created a new vibration. You are all acclimating yourselves to it in a new way, for you have opportunities that you have not had before. It is an opportunity for you to change your perceptions, to shift your energy and look at things differently. You all seem to be healers in some way, and most of you have helped others to go back and find the origin of their problems. It is very simple, dear ones. Most of your experiences happen first in childhood or even in adolescence, as it is very easy to scar a human psyche when you are young because you are getting to know yourself. Many of you have discovered ways of returning to what your original intent was during those times of misdirection.

Why would you misdirect yourself? Why would anyone do so? Certainly it is not done intentionally. Misdirection often happens with knowledge. For instance, maybe you see an open door, and the handle looks very inviting. So you push the door open further, simply step in, and say, "This feels good for now. I will go forward." Well, humans are adapters. You step into something new and rather than say, "Eww, this does not feel good," you adapt yourselves, and soon you are adjusting everything around you. You say, "Okay, I moved this over here and that over there, so now it feels comfortable." What you do not always realize is that sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of your energy to play this game, which makes it more difficult in many aspects.

So what would it take for you to return to the perceptions you held when you were a child? What would it take to remember? Of course, your life has changed and you have evolved greatly since then. We do not expect you to go back to who you were as a child or even pretend to be that again. You now have an opportunity to re-member what your perception was when you took that original sidestep, the first time that you opened a new door and decided to go through it. Suddenly you find yourself way down the hallway, very invested in your journey and your travel. You are far too invested to turn around and go back, so you are adapting everything: "Oh, this is not what I expected, so I will adapt and harmonize it." Well, you are getting very good at that.