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The Dharma of Light

The Dharma of Light A Cosmic Hierarchy (Lord Michael, Shekinah, Metatron, and Master Saint Germain) through Malika

What is the new age of light? It is the new cosmic cycle of unity and the light being in charge throughout the cosmos of the manifest and unmanifest worlds. There is physicality and nonphysicality. The physical manifest reality is the Flower and the Tree of Life. It is the manifest physical presence of God. It is the dimensions or the physical planes of varying vibrational frequencies in which the unmanifest world gets to incarnate and experience itself.

The new age of light is where the light has been consciously realized and made manifest in physicality and is in charge in critical mass and moving forward in the establishment of eternal peace, love, joy, freedom, sovereignty, prosperity, blissful twin-flame unions, beauty, unlimited evolution, and camaraderie and abundance for all. Light is the fabric of existence and the form component of our Mother/Father Source. It is the Tree of Life. The Flower of Life is the manifest universe and the spiritual, mental, and emotional planes of its own totality. And the Tree of Life is the structural foundation of the manifest world, the platonic solids.

The manifest world needs to always be cared for and protected, and the sacred cross of governance is the protection of sacred heart consciousness, which in turn is the conscious union of the Divine Feminine (the Flower of Life) and the Divine Masculine (the Tree of Life). They merge in oneness, love, respect, protection, sharing, and mutual exchange to create the third aspect of the divine trinity.