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Crescendo! The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

Right now you are experiencing a crescendo period of ascension energy for the "12" year — 2012 — of transformation. Activities and alterations are accelerating and creating a whiplash experience. Understand that a crescendo is not a conclusion; it is a high point and it will be followed by further progress at a new level. Stay calm and centered within this chaos, and you will slide gently into the new year and the next crescendo.

Your next focus — the "13" year, 2013 — represents a step into a whole new dimension. It is the true beginning of the emergence into expanded reality. As the number 13 also resonates 4, it has the extended meaning of a change of home. Four is represented by the form of the square, which resonates containment and protection. This symbol radiating multidimensionally represents all the realities that "contain" your life: your solar system, your planet, your culture, your family, your body, your beliefs, your thoughts, and so on.

So much transformation has already occurred on energy levels and is waiting to move on to your conscious living plane level. This surfacing is the quantum shift. It is the water rising in a lake until it overflows from its dam and is transformed into a whole new expression of water.