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Creating the Next Step on the Bridge from the Past to the Future

Creating the Next Step on the Bridge from the Past to the Future The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

All of your 2013 calendar year will be about letting go of old habits, frameworks, beliefs, expectations, patterns, and ways of doing and being in your life, in your heart, in your head, and in your world. This precipice of 2013 on which you perch is about becoming unencumbered — releasing all that prevents your spirit and soul from experiencing the true freedom of life, light, and love that is so life affirming.

Healing the Psychic Wound Deep in the Human Soul Heart

Earth, along with all of its inhabitants and all of its kingdoms — devic, imaginal, elemental, angelic, human, integral, and Creator — are poised in preparation for the new moon energies of January 1, 2014. These next twelve of your calendar months — comprising 360 days plus five portal days — are the end time, the death in preparation for rebirth, the letting go of that which no longer serves life, the releasing of all limitations, fears, attachments, grief, guilt, greed, abandonment, betrayal, and poverty.

The themes of these familial issues that require cleansing, clearing, and rebirthing connect directly to the male/father/yang manifest energies and how they have become distorted into greed, ego, war, and abuse perpetuated and directed against all life and all living beings. Though death is feared in your world, it has become a place where much energy, attention, and focus is directed toward abusing, hurting, degrading, or lashing out against anything and anyone that represents life, future, and love, thereby perpetuating and empowering death. Most monuments are erected by the human kingdom in honor of those who have died, instead of honoring the wisdom of the ancestors who live or have lived simple lives of laughter, love, joy, connection, and cooperation.