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Cosmic Gathering in Pisces & Opportunities for Change

Cosmic Gathering in Pisces & Opportunities for Change Donna Taylor

Every so often the planets line up in such a way as to bring forth opportunities for change, and February is one such month. Over the next few weeks and especially toward the end of the month, we will all be presented with the chance to heal a wound of some sort. My initial feeling is that on a collective level this will be the wound of separation. We all carry deep within our souls the distant memory of oneness with the Source, but somewhere along the way we lost that connection, eventually resulting in the pain, suffering, and disconnection that we see all around us today. In forgetting our connection to God we also forgot our connection to nature and each other, seeing ourselves as separate entities to compete against. February brings the chance to rise above the wound of separation and remember that we are all one.

This remembrance of oneness could be facilitated by a disaster of some sort. With more than half the zodiac lining up in the watery sign of Pisces, there is a strong imbalance of energies pulling on the earth, and when this happens we are more likely to see floods or earthquakes. Hopefully we won't need to have our heartstrings plucked by seeing others suffering. Let's hope that our rising love and compassion will be a natural and spontaneous awakening.

With Mars aligned with Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron during the first half of the month, the best use of our energies will be to demonstrate compassion and tolerance for all. And with a new moon in Aquarius on February 10, there is a very strong focus toward humanity. So let us contemplate around this new moon what we can do for others, even if it's just a short meditation sending healing to troubled places or saying a prayer for peace.

On February 19 Saturn turns retrograde and the Sun joins this large grouping of planets in Pisces, adding to the already top-heavy weight in the heavens. Shortly afterward, Mercury turns retrograde, further adding to the seriousness of the energies. It's as if there is a huge spotlight on this Pisces sector of the zodiac — which, aside from being a vitally important time for Pisces people, seems to be calling for the lessons of oneness, compassion, and forgiveness to be finally demonstrated. If ever there were a time for the Christ light to return, this is it. When we consider that we have spent the past 2,000 years living through the age of Pisces, it's as if February 2013 marks the end of this era of suffering — or, rather, that we are faced with our beliefs about suffering and have the opportunity to cleanse and heal them once and for all.

It is also a time when we will be faced with our karma — good or not so good — and we are likely to see this on the world stage with some quite dramatic news events. People everywhere will be faced with the results of their past actions, so for some people this may not be the easiest time. Be prepared to lend a hand in helping alleviate other people's difficulties, whether it's someone you know or a stranger on the other side of the world. Be ready to also deal with some of your own pain, remembering that the more you can clear, the more you can open up to the divine light within you and move toward joy and harmony. In your forecasts I have made suggestions as to which area of life is likely to contain your own wound, but please remember that your sun sign is only a snapshot of your entire cosmic picture, and although it will almost certainly have relevance, there may be other areas that could benefit from your attention too.

The last ten days or so of the month are not to be rushed. Make time to do any inner healing as well as what you can to help others. Mercury retrograde in the final sign of the zodiac will ensure that we cannot proceed to the next stage until all the necessary work has been done. Remember that you won't go far wrong if you constantly aim to demonstrate compassion, healing, forgiveness, tolerance, and love to yourself and others. It may be necessary, for example, to forgive someone before you can move on.

For some people, February will contain some amazing experiences of a mystical or spiritual nature. If, for example, you have cleared your pain and suffering and are living with love and joy in your heart, this could be a month of miracles and divine connections. Certainly at this time it will be much easier to connect with Spirit and receive guidance through prayer, meditation, and quiet contemplation. Music and art are also ways in which you can receive divine inspiration, so absorb yourself in the beautiful creations of your own or of others. And as Venus joins this cosmic gathering in Pisces, issuing forth a great wave of Christ light and divine healing, the opportunity for us to truly embrace the teachings of the great masters will be upon us. We are now moving into the time where, as Jesus said, "The works that I do, shall he do also" (John 14:12, KJV).