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Common Questions from the General Public

Common Questions from the General Public Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The energy of the room has been set. If you have lifted that shield of intellectualism you carry around and let in the possibility of more truth, where does that then leave you? Have you allowed, perhaps, a seed to be planted, a possibility that the planet is in the process of recalibrating itself? Perhaps you think all of it is a coincidence and it does not affect you.

I will say to you yet again, dear ones, that you may be a shaman sitting there and not even know it. You may have been brought here to this chair you'll sit in one time, and you'll never have that happen again. This is, therefore, the opening — the opportunity of possibilities right now.

I know who is here, and I know who is listening to this message. We're going to answer some questions that have been asked from those who are not old souls. The answers will serve both you and those who will see, read, and hear this message in your future — my now. This is confusing, but I've said it many times before: I know who's listening. I know who's reading, for there is no time on my side of the veil. There is only potential, and the potential is, therefore, manifest in the now. It may take weeks to transcribe this message. But after the transcription and all of the editing and the publishing, it will, therefore, be in writing. Indeed, someone is reading it right now, and I see that person doing it. All this sounds odd to those of you who sit in this room.