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The Christ Vibration — 144

The Christ Vibration — 144 Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Your sacred seals hold within them the light of God, which is the vibration of God. The language of God is vibration; it is the sacred geometry of your being. Once you begin the activation process, this light-encoded truth will begin to be realized within you. You will have access to the wisdom of the ages, and instant knowledge will be yours. The logical mind can then rest. When you rely greatly on the logical mind, you stress the physical body, and it begins to age. When the light-encoded wisdom is released from your sacred seals, your body begins to release stress and regenerate.

Activate Your Sacred Seals and Become the Living Christ

There are twelve sacred seals: Seven are located just above each chakra in the body, two are below the first chakra, and three are above your crown chakra. Twelve activations exist within each sacred seal; twelve times twelve equals 144, the number of a Christ in full power. The number 144 also represents completion, and once all of your sacred seals have been activated, you will be complete within your own essence, knowing you are God/human, a superhuman with full dominion over life.

You are needed to reach this level of Christhood to transform your Earth and all of humanity. In the moment when there are enough of you fully activated, the whole Earth will come into alignment with the higher forces. You will merge with the cosmos and experience oneness. The separation will dissolve. You will walk side by side with the masters.