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You Are Divine Beings Awakening to The Power of Conscious Choice

You Are Divine Beings Awakening to The Power of Conscious Choice Merlin and Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Well now, this is your friend Merlin. I'd like to speak with you briefly about fear—fear of the future, fear that the past might catch up with you, and fear of an old pattern repeating itself. You might say that I'd like to speak with you about fears that are unfounded— although they appear real to you—and what you can do about them. Why? So that you can live the beautiful life you were meant to live, my dears, and more so, that you can remember who you really are. Then let's get to this topic right now!

Let's begin by asking yourself a few questions. We'll begin with this, one of my favorites: What futuristic event are you afraid of? Now you might not think that you are afraid of anything in that category, but think about it for a moment and see what comes to the surface of your awakened state. Are you afraid of the year 2012 and what it might bring? What if the predictions are right and the world will end? Oh, I know you might find that humorous, but is there a smidgen of that fear rolling around in your thoughts? What about fear of loss—the loss of your monies, your relationships, or your home? How about fear of the loss of your job or your health? What about the subtle fears that focus on major topics?

The Source of All Your Unfounded Fears

You see, my dears, this thing called unfounded fear is all resting on a foundation that you know well. And of course, there is no blame for any of this. Yet when we can become awake to what is actually going on, then we have that glorious opportunity for choice, for freedom, and for the real life.