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We Are Awakening Humans Creating a New World

We Are Awakening Humans Creating a New World Makala through Laura Pieratt

It is time now to unravel the mystery of who we are. We are great beings of love and light unfolding new messages of welcome. We are welcoming you home as we describe the truth of your being. We wish you to understand that you are present now at a new beginning of a new paradigm in history. In decoding the doorway, DNA is the key to unraveling the history of your being, and yes, your history as a race of beings. You have been misled, as many have already shared with you. But who are you then, if not whom you have been led to believe?

The Knowing of the Truth Emerges in Your Magnificent DNA

We are here to tell you there is not one history in linear time. There are lines of truth that merge, whispering nuances of unique tracks or visions. Yes, indeed, many have dreamed your history into being, and some have re-dreamed parts of it so that sections of time have been altered after the fact as if by magic. That is the nature of cycles and cyclical pods of evolution. One race shows up and does this, then another adds to that, instilling their own unique signature or vibration. There are many such infusions of vital energy in the divine human. You want to know "I am this" and have it all tied up in a tidy package, but it cannot be so. It is more of a story of hybrids of many variations of influence arranging and settling into the DNA, defining you, changing you, expanding you, and supporting your evolution into the magnificent beings of potential you are now.

Yes, we know that many of you would not think you are such magnificent beings, judging yourselves by what you see externally. But on the inside, the knowing of the truth emerges in the magnificent DNA, and it is remarkable. It is a solid family, one that has accepted the mongrel nature of itself and unified many strains or infusions of Source into a unified whole. Yes, we know you do not see yourselves as unified, but you are. You are a mass of humanity that has spoken your truth, chosen your path, decided your history in advance, and gone back in time to create it! Isn't that fun? What a concept! You have unwritten and rewritten your potentials many times, and they remain a fluid matrix of unfolding light—light begetting light.