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Transforming Yourself, Transforming the World

Transforming Yourself, Transforming the World Council of 12 through Selacia

As a new cycle begins, it's normal to consider what you want to change about yourself and the world. If you were making a list of those things right now, it would help to know the big picture and the specifics of what needs to shift. Like a lab scientist with a microscope, you want to magnify the view of your experience so you can pinpoint causes of dysfunction and unhappiness. After all, you can only change things when you are aware of them.

Right now, as you sit within the initial months of 2012, you likely know about countless things you want changed. If you're like most people, you have noticed how dysfunctional the world has become, and you notice your own challenges in a magnified way. That's not surprising, of course, especially with all of the media attention given to planetary revolution and global demonstrations by citizens representing the 99 percent. You probably would feel discontented and desirous of change even without the media attention, but these constant reminders are like a repeating wake-up call.

Indeed, you are waking up to humanity's crisis. As part of that, you are becoming more consciously aware of your own predicament. A multitude of inner changes are required for you to feel whole, thrive, have loving relationships, and be tangibly connected to spirit. You cannot become enlightened if you ignore these needed changes—whether they are known or unknown to your conscious mind. If you have been on the path of spiritual awakening for a while, you have been addressing needed changes in an ongoing way. You have learned that transformation is a continuing process without an end point. You accept that idea because your inner being catalyzes your desire to be the best you can be.