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Three Hundred Earth Languages Sourced from ET Civilizations

Three Hundred Earth Languages Sourced from ET Civilizations Gz'zch through Robert Shapiro

[Speaks in a strange language.] [Pause.] Ah, that's better. I had a problem with your language. I am a visitor to your planet.

Well, welcome!

Thank you. I am inspecting your language formats. Your languages have a startling similarity to languages of many planets I've visited. Some of them are truly ancient. Some of the languages I notice are new, yet they are ancient in their origins, so there must be some connection there. Hindustani is an ancient language associated with another planet. There is a language—I think it is a new language by comparison, but maybe it isn't . . . oh, I see. It is the language referred to as Swahili. It is an ancient language from the Sirius star system. There is a language spoken in . . . now I have to examine your history. The language is spoken in Finland; this is a language found in several planets on the Pleiades. There is a root language called, you say, Latin—I think it is a root language that has influenced other languages. This language has to do with the Orion galaxy.

I am interested in these things because I am a teacher of the origins of the spoken word as it relates to the origins of cultures. I do not travel very often, but now and then I am able to [chuckles] hop somebody's ship for travel to places I haven't been before. I'm interested very much in your planet, because I have never found a place that has so many root languages from all over. I have only been on your planet—not really on, but near your planet—for about what you would say is fourteen days, and yet I am fascinated listening to the transmissions of language. I have a small room and a study space on the vehicle, and we have the capability on this ship—which I appreciate having the use of—to listen in to impersonal, not personal, communication. By impersonal, I mean that someone might say hello on the street to someone, like that. So it is not what you say is "nosy"—a funny word.