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The Third Wave of Empowerment: Harmony

The Third Wave of Empowerment: Harmony The group through Steve Rother

We tell you, home, heaven—whichever words you wish to describe where you are originally from—has changed. It has changed in anticipation of your movement on planet Earth. Each and every one of you have gotten closer to home through your own evolutionary process. There are so many parts of this that are now starting to occur. We will share some of these with you today, so you can get a little glimpse of where this is moving and what it looks like.

Our Shifting Carbon Base

We tell you that you have moved more in the last six months than most of you have moved in the last six lifetimes. It is speeding up even more, and many of you are starting to feel that there is no control over your time limits. In other words, your perception of what a day is and what you should or should not get done in a day is shifting. There is a big challenge with that entire scenario now, for time itself is beginning to change.

You will find that many more things are moving in a fluid motion of steady change rather than simply waking up and finding a big jump up from this level to the next level. It was only a few months ago that we told you that the carbon atom will also change. Your perception on planet Earth is that everything is carbon based. If the carbon atom shifts only slightly, it will recalibrate every part of humanity. That is only one of the many miracles that are now at hand.