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Shamanic Wisdom: Dream a New Dream for Yourself

Shamanic Wisdom: Dream a New Dream for Yourself Jan Engels-Smith

In the current state of our economy— lost jobs, stressed budgets, and escalating prices—the stress levels for many are out of control. In times such as these, I turn to my teachings from the spirits and try to see the current situation from a greater perspective, a spiritual perspective. I review these teachings and answer these questions:

  1. All things are working for the divine evolution of humanity as well as my own personal evolution toward enlightenment.
  2. All are loved beyond measure and need to trust in this love.
  3. The reasons for individual experiences are as varied as people themselves; however, we must never forget to consider that growth is happening for each person.
  4. Where are you in your growth process? What is happening to you? And how can you see it with new eyes—the eyes of your true self?
  5. Are you being asked to find joy even in adverse conditions?
  6. If I am not in joy, what do I believe about my current situation that is pulling me out of joy?
  7. Where am I vibrating, and what am I attracting because of that vibration?

For any desire to be realized by you— or before anything can manifest in your life experience—there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and your beliefs. This is an exceptionally important statement to understand.