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A New Way of Life on Planet Earth

A New Way of Life on Planet Earth Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

The "end times" for Mother Earth are nothing to fear. She has been there before—it is part of a 2,000-year cycle of renewal. On this very planet, Lemuria, which had its own end times, existed in three phases: first life, common time, and transition. In their transition period, the Lemurians had evolved as far as they could, so they dematerialized and went home to the Creator as Lemuria sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Most of you have lived in Lemuria, so you are transitioning again, but this time you will not dematerialize. Instead you will take your bodies with you as you transition, or shift, from the third to the fourth dimension. When we speak of the end times, we are not speaking of the end of life altogether. We are speaking of the end of life as you know it. You will move on to what can be called a golden age, an age of love and light. You must be prepared for this shift, so we in the guidance realm are bringing to the Earth plane more information than we ever have before. Let's take some questions.

The Guardians of Developing Societies Are Back

What is the importance of Mount Haleakal and the guardians of the shift?

In this shift, Mother Earth is at the same point that Lemuria was when it entered its transitional period. Mount Haleakal on the island of Maui is where the Guardians of Developing Societies (GODS) sat when Lemuria was first inhabited and when it sank below the ocean. For those who are unfamiliar with the Guardians of Developing Societies, they hold the essence of truth, trust, and passion—the principles that form the foundation of evolutionary planets. These guardians were brought forth by the Creator to initiate the development of societies in keeping with the Creator's evolutionary plan.