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A New Earth Harmonic

A New Earth Harmonic DeAnne Hampton

The ascension energies coming to our beautiful blue planet at this time are awe inspiring and profound. Every day, I feel the something wonderful that is happening for all of humanity—if only we have the clear sight and open hearts to receive it. This present time is about a new dispensation of beingness through which we can all dare to step out into a light that defies all that has been in shadow. Moving out of duality and into oneness means living a life true to your heart, true to the purpose you came to fulfill, and true to a love that far exceeds the perimeters of the mind.

The vibrational world is a presence that has an eternal rhythm and intelligence. Only when we are willing to let it all go, whatever "it" is—concern for our safety, fear of lack, questions about family and loved ones, attachments to things, allegiances to false structures, or misconceptions of the body's innate design— allowing in the willingness to surrender the consciousness and belief structure of an old reality, can a new reality of existence come in and support us as new life. Trust is a direct realization that comes when we are truly ready to know and be a new people, cocreating a new world as one.

Everything that speaks from the subtle worlds at this time vibrates unity, reconciliation, and a return of all opposites to one organism of light. If you have been following the new human paradigm in its weekly transmissions, you will have seen how everything does reflect this truth, from the dates of disclosure to the increasingly intelligent design of crop circles and the return of Jaycee Dugard and the energetic significance of the Caycee Anthony drama. Solar flare activity, droughts and floods, new ongoing deceptions connected to our politicians, and a financial crisis that will not get better within the consciousness that created it—all these themes and facets within the third-dimensional realm have been looked at and restructured within the higher-mind template of the new human paradigm.