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Manifesting Spirit in Your World

Manifesting Spirit in Your World Rhonda Smith

February 2012 (25/7) continues the concept of order within and combines it with the organization of "scientific knowledge," spiritual wisdom, and a connection to your psychic abilities. Through your process, you have awakened to the spiritual truths within that allow you to see the reality of life that has been veiled for millennia. This month, a month of balance, will require flexibility, resourcefulness, and adaptability in order to use your wisdom in a meaningful way. You have the opportunity to search for truth and to see beyond the veil of the material world, which is now only present in individual perspectives. Your goal is to find your center between your spirit and the physical and to remain there as you manifest your new world.

February 1 To February 4, 2012 ([11])

You begin this month with the master vibration of the spiritual messenger. This raises the 2 of the month to its highest expression. This entire week will be there for you to experience operating from your highest wisdom in unconditional love. These are intense energies, and they need to be dealt with from a place of spirit. You are aware of your heightened sensitivity, so you can use that to break up any remaining conditioning that no longer serves.

This process begins with at day of easy falling energies full of cooperation and compatibility so that you can manifest that abundance in your life by choosing which actions are appropriate for the situations that spontaneously present themselves. This is followed by a day in which you reap the rewards of your past achievements and prepare for new adventures at the same time, so maintain harmony and peace in order to allow your relationships to bloom and bring understanding.