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A Magical and Mystical Life with Lightbeings

A Magical and Mystical Life with Lightbeings Wendy Zellea

Archangels, angels, ascended masters, guides, and all beings of light exist in their own vibrations, just as we do. We as humans cannot presume to understand their entire purpose in being, yet we do know that they are willing and able to assist us in a variety of ways, and it is a true blessing that they wish to do so. Each of these beings has areas of expertise, just as humans do in the third dimension, and when we become familiar with the particular talent of each one, it becomes easier to know which lightbeing to call on.

The main thing to remember when working with our luminescent friends is that they respect the free will of all humans and cannot, by nature, impose their will on any of us. Therefore it is up to us to call on them when we require their guidance and assistance. Only then will they come into our lives to work with us. It is amazing how quickly we can feel their presence once they are invoked; sometimes we can sense it almost immediately.

How do we know when angels and ascended masters are near? If we become sensitive to the subtle energy around us, a gentle lightening of the field in our immediate surrounding can be felt and sometimes seen, even by those who are not particularly visual. Many lightbeings are waiting to be asked for assistance so that they may fulfill their purpose, but it is important to remember that angels and ascended masters cannot take on your responsibility or achieve personal growth for you. You must do what you must do; what they can do is offer guidance and a sort of cushion so that you may achieve your spiritual goals more easily and gracefully.