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The Light of Your Mind

The Light of Your Mind Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

I speak of the space between the question and the answer and what is going on at the moment in your own journey through this mystery. At what point are you in the story of the mystery? Have you just left the question or are you just approaching the space before the answer? Where are you in your journey? Let us say you have just left the question, and so you are embarking on the journey. You will be looking for clues, and these clues will take you a step further on the journey to solve the mystery. And if you were to look now in your imagination into the space just after the question, you would see that space in front of you.

It is the search that is the most important part of the development. The answer is interesting, but it is not all that there is. It is the search that opens your consciousness to many possibilities. For there are endless possibilities in this space, endless clues to the mystery of creation and the mystery of you as part of creation. Are you not on a search in this life to discover all that you can be?

You look for the best way that you can make your journey through a story. You do not know the ending of the story, and there are many interesting places on this journey—in this story—and no story is necessarily set. It evolves, does it not? When the writer of a story begins, very often he or she does not know where it ends. Or it might have several different endings. It all depends on the way in which the story weaves and turns about. There are many possibilities.