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Keeping Ourselves Grounded

Keeping Ourselves Grounded Donna Taylor

On February 3 Neptune moves into Pisces for a fourteen-year stay. Because Neptune rules Pisces, you could say that Neptune is coming home, and his influence in this sign will be very strong until 2026. There are many positive effects to this planetary combination, especially for spiritually minded people, who will find their connection with the unseen realms getting stronger. For some people, this will mean an opening of the third eye. This is a process that is best undertaken gradually, but for some, it will be a sudden experience that may come as a bit of a shock. For those not attuned to the spiritual vibration, this sudden influx of spiritual or mystical information could be unsettling, and it is our job during these transition years to help people understand what's happening and to help them to adjust as quickly as possible. It is important that we now begin to keep ourselves grounded.

In her book The Intuitive Spark, Sonia Choquette describes ungroundedness as being rushed, overwhelmed, overloaded, disconnected, out of harmony with our surroundings, uncomfortable, ill at ease, nervous, defensive, irritable, and vulnerable. This very much sums up the feeling of not being rooted in the here and now, and as the pace of life becomes even faster and technology ever more pervasive, we really do need to make a big effort to stay grounded. If you feel you have taken on too much, let some of it go. Make sure you have at least a little bit of space in the day where you can just be, along with days in the week when you're not working. Go for periods of time with your mobile phone switched off and get into nature as much as you can, as this is the best way to ground yourself. Make time to eat nourishing, natural food in a relaxed environment, and make it your aim to be present in everything you do. If you fall short of this aim, then at least you'll be mindful some of the time, which is good. If you can manage to stay grounded during this time of high vibrational activity, you will be the eye of the storm, or the solid tree reaching high into the sky.

Neptune will also have a more personal impact, depending where he falls in your chart. I feel it's a good thing to find a way to honor Neptune's shift in your chart, which you can do first by reading your forecast for February and seeing how Neptune is going to be influencing your life and then finding a way to welcome that. For example, Libras will have Neptune in their area of daily life, health, and work, so a good way for Libras to honor Neptune's presence would be to have a five-minute meditation each day or make it their mission to be kind and compassionate to their work colleagues. For Aries, it will be in the area of spiritual development, so a suggestion would be to create an altar in a private space that could be visited each day for inspiration and contemplation.