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How the Unseen Energies of Numerology Affects Your Life

Numerology and astrology are ancient esoteric sciences. Pythagoras, a mathematician of ancient Greece, was known as the father of numerology, and astrology has been considered humanity's first science. The ancient Greeks used these two esoteric sciences to help guide them through life. Your bodies are comprised of energy and everything in the universe is composed of energy. The unseen energies of planets and the vibration of numbers are always affecting us.


Numerology is a system based on single-digit numbers from 1 through 9. Every number symbolizes a distinctive attribute, and there are many messages in numerology about your soul and what it has designed for you in this lifetime.

Additionally, a single-digit number is assigned to each year. Every number from 1 though 9 has a particular theme, and this vibration affects your experiences. As an example: In a 1 year, this represents new beginnings in your life. You will notice as the year goes by that you are compelled to think a little differently about your life and the people in it. The theme is new beginnings, as your personal 1 year shapes your experiences, thoughts, and actions.