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The Gifts of Ascension

The Gifts of Ascension The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

There is an expectation of expansion on many levels of the total human unit as a result of the ascension process. You entertain dreams of what skills you will acquire as Novus Humanus, skills that you feel will be miraculous compared to the present limited perceptions and interactions you have with your everyday world.

All of the expansions of the ascended human are present in incipient forms right now. You still are and will be, for a future beyond your projections, a temporal world reality. You will be dealing with time, in one way or another, for some time to come. Therefore your ascension gifts will be unfolding incrementally over an extended period. And these increments may be different for each individual. They will, however, be sufficiently synchronized for you as a world culture to feel the changes that are resonating simultaneously through your whole species.

You Are Slowing Your Personal Time to Fit in Work

What about time? You are already feeling that time is more fluid than the rigid, unshakable measuring concept that has controlled your lives. It is actually malleable and can be consciously controlled. Many of you have experienced situations in which you are rushed to complete a project that has a deadline. Unconscious portions of your total self affect your personal temporal flow and you "make the time" to meet your deadline. You feel good that you got your work done on time, but most of you don't realize—yet—that often you are not acting with greater speed. You are slowing your personal time to fit the work into it.