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The Game Is Now Coming to a Close

The Game Is Now Coming to a Close Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear, beloved colleagues, I speak to those of you who have given of your essence in propelling the energies of a changing Earth forward. Lately you have been feeling lots of aches and pains, particularly with your physical bodies. The mountains that converge upon your Earth, forming the very backbones of your tectonic plates, are also very much tied to the spines in your own bodies. As the energies begin to flow more on the Earth and begin to move more freely those of you who have been placeholders for Mother Earth will feel the energies begin to move. Not only are the energies moving in your spines and other parts of your physical bodies, but they are also moving in conjunction with the movement of the Earth's crust itself.

Your bodies are microcosms of the earth. When you agreed to work with me in releasing Earth energies through your own bodies, you also assisted in letting go the energies that need to be released within Earth itself. Lately, in passing through the pains and movement of your own bodies, you have sensed that there is more going on. You are also moving energies on a number of different levels that not only affect your body but Earth and other dimensions as well. Many of you feel the release of the bones and energies of other lives that I have held for you over many lifetimes.

It is my role as Gaia and as your partner in this process to support you and to remind you of the beauty that exists all around you. When you feel the pains of your body, remember to allow the energies to be uninhibited. See the beauty of the planet that moves and renews around you, refreshing your senses and allowing you to reconnect with who you really are.