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The Delicate Balance

The Delicate Balance Archangel Michael and the Brotherhood of Light through Athene Raefiel

As you move through the intense energies and actions now taking place within you and around you, you still strive to find the balance that creates the abundant love of spirit. Through all the heartache, pain, sadness, anger, anxiety, and grief, spirit still stands pristine and illuminated. It is through this illumination that all will eventually realize the true hope of their destinies.

Radiant and pure emanation of light is readily produced in each plane and dimension daily. Through the sacred holy flames of light, everyone is continually purging and creating anew each and every day. With each emanation of light and truth comes a gift of new life. Energetic life is always in tune with these abundant frequencies as they continue to radiate around and through all the chaos and hopelessness. What is the need for the depression and sadness the people of the world are currently feeling? How could these things possibly have a divine light permeating them?

When humans find the direction of quieting hateful and painful memories, they discover that there is a center to all life that is truly at peace. Some believe being at peace is a state of mind. Indeed, peace is the state of the mind of God, and you are all a part of God. When you understand that life is eternal as you yourself are, you begin to remove the veils of memories that hide the inner truth and light, allowing you to partake of this peaceful, loving energy that regenerates you. Ten minutes a day of unfettered silence can amaze each soul being who partakes of the true essence of resurgence and regeneration.