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Breaking Down Your Mind's Perceptions of Personal Identity

Breaking Down Your Mind's Perceptions of Personal Identity Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved Students, I hope each of you is relishing the freshness of 2012, even though there are some rather amazing global events emerging that are not all that "fresh." The conventional reality, it seems, is fraught with myriad problems that certainly appear as if they will be around for most of the year. While we can discern that a great deal of global energy and focus will go into solving or attempting to solve financial predicaments that are massive and multinational, you might find yourself wondering if the big picture is somehow relevant to your own personal spiritual growth.

The Global Issues of 2012 Will Affect Everyone in Personal Ways

While you can probably gather that the answer to this question is yes, in truth, the personal lessons now arising for solution will probably manifest with an amazing degree of diversity. After all, the sense of wealth, which usually is associated with finances, applies also to relationships, comfort levels, health, opportunities, creative expression, and even spiritual attainment. That likely means that the global issues of 2012 will find some way to knock on the personal doors of nearly every person on the planet. Perhaps it is a good idea to get a jump on the process by ironing out the wrinkles in the fabric of your essence, knowing that every personal step forward you make contributes to the global de-wrinkling process.

Of course, as spiritual aspirants, you likely find your greatest holding of wealth to lie in your spiritual resources. While the bank account is certainly important for negotiating the conventional reality, it is not necessarily the greatest indicator of your spiritual wealth. In times when many people are struggling economically, you are likely to see many interesting demonstrations where individuals attempt to make some sense of the conventional reality using or applying their personal symbology and spiritual vocabulary. While this is completely natural, the translation process may be a bit more taxing than expected. The events that will arise in 2012, along with the interpretations people attach to them, could offer some morsels in need of chewing as the conventional reality digests the process now unfolding.