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Your Spark of Divinity Is Immortal and Eternal

Your Spark of Divinity Is Immortal and Eternal Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, never forget that your reason for being is to become a conscious cocreator and that our Father/Mother God is the life-giving force of your existence. You must let go of the straightline, linear time concept whereby your choices are limited and influenced by the past. A self-master functions within the law of the circle and the concept of the infinity loop— a horizontal figure eight. The infinity loop that continually flows forth before you is filled with divine potential; however, the infinity loops around you in your personal creator wheel must contain the thought forms of harmonious frequencies to support your vision.

You are assured that your desires and visions will manifest in the perfect way and perfect time if you stay centered in your sacred heart and maintain clarity of thought and action. Remember, the human spirit cannot be defeated, for it is composed of God-stuff and is therefore indestructible. The spark of divinity that has been allotted to each of you is immortal and eternal.