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Your Earth Teachers

Your Earth Teachers Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

My greetings to you as you prepare for another year cycle in your daily lives. Today I choose to speak to you of growth—your own spiritual growth. For many of you, when you begin your journey toward higher learning and enlightenment, you see many events in your lives as a "me" and "them" picture. Your view is very basic, which reflects the separation you feel in many personal events and situations you experience. You take comments and events very personally, often finding it quite difficult to overcome and release these experiences. For this is what they are—experiences, lessons.

As you begin to break through your own negative thinking and begin to understand your ego self, you also succeed in raising your own vibration. This is achieved by your higher level of learning and understanding of your own shadow self, the ego. You now begin to see events and experiences from a higher, spiritual perspective. You now see through spiritual eyes of love.