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Your Desire to Be of Service

Your Desire to Be of Service The Council of 12 through Selacia

You know that much is changing in the world. You have wanted things to change for a very long time. Your discontent with the status quo has been bubbling to the surface. It's been a long process. Your feeling of discontent may feel new, sudden, or simply bigger than feelings you remember having before. When you feel discontent more deeply than before, one reason is that you are experiencing the feeling with an expanded level of consciousness.

As you grow spiritually over time, you develop an increased ability to perceive the truth of your reality. You learn to see yourself more honestly. You develop a larger perspective of what it means to be human and of how challenging it is to break free from past limited conditioning. At the same time, you become more sensitive and more open to new ideas. This means that you feel more and that you notice more than you noticed in the past. This process of opening to more is a stage of awakening.