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Where to Be and When

Where to Be and When Simion through Amariah Mara

Alas, the much awaited "where to be and when" is upon us. Before we delve into this thrilling topic, please ask yourself where you want to be, and when do you want to be there? Much of the outcome will depend on the consciousness of your answer. You all want this question to be answered for you with concrete latitudes and longitudes, and with precise dates and times. This attitude is certainly an aspect of your limited thinking in space and time, which we encourage you to break out of as much as possible. But we do understand that you exist within this framework and at present only comprehend the world within such parameters. Given your insatiable desire to know when the world will change and if there is a particular place you should be when it does, we will oblige you to the extent that you need to know and that we can know, given the probabilities based on global consciousness. Furthermore, we will aid you in finding your own answers regarding where to be and when on a personal level.

On a global and universal level, there are ten major probable outcomes as a result of the coming shift. Within those ten dimensional realities, there are multitudes of smaller alternate outcomes, all beautifully dependent on your collective consciousness. We are able to follow the trends and see where the energy of those trends leads in a generally timeless way. All of the various dimensional options already exist in our view. We are able to pop in and view the energy signatures of the various outcomes. An aspect of your soul lives within each of the probable realities, and these lives affect one another. This concept of everything happening in a timeless world is almost impossible for you to truly grasp, as you can only see one point at a time, consecutively. It is hard for you to see how there can be such a thing as evolution, without it building over time and within space. However, you are in fact constantly evolving in a timeless, infinite space. Do not let your head explode trying to think of this. You are not meant to. You are meant to experience the luxury of being in a direct cause-and effect space where you can view and live the choices that you make with the grace of the unknown. Remember that you are already a perfect expression of creation. You are simply discovering what you already are and know. In a sense you are expressing an aspect of the endless light of creation by living in a world of preset limitations. You are, in essence, the Creator creating an aspect of it. Your head is no doubt already bursting at the seams, and you still want to know where and when to be. However, in order to know this, you must step out of where and when. Hence, you will be challenging your sense of space and time.