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Self-Programming for Life In the Fourth Dimension

Self-Programming for Life In the Fourth Dimension Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

When you get to the fourth dimension, the colors will be more vibrant and the sounds will be more beautiful than you can imagine. You'll be shocked, but that is how you will know without a doubt that you're in the fourth dimension. If you see a monster or something like that then you are without a doubt not in the fourth dimension because, even in the lowest levels of the fourth light, no monsters exist because no fear exists.

Before you can go to the fourth dimension in your physical body, you must complete your journey in the third dimension. You can accelerate the completion of your third-dimensional journey by traveling to the fourth dimension in your sleep state, which is what many of you have been doing. Most of you return without any memory of that journey. I've seen you in the fourth dimension during your sleep state and you're doing the same thing the medium did when he got there. You're staring at a color or just blackness and you're not moving. Step back. Everything in the fourth dimension is so huge that you have to step back to see what you're looking at.