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A Season of Change

A Season of Change Archangel Gabriel through Cathleen Chase

Greetings, dear ones. Times are indeed changing, and just as the seasons change, so does the evolution of earth and humankind. Through it all it is a natural progression and one that will elevate and generate a new life, replacing the old with the new. As seasons change, so does the environment of the supporting systems. There is a rebirth, a renewal, one of hope for the revealing of the future. The world as you know it is undergoing extreme changes—these are not so apparent as yet, but as the new year progresses, many events will unfold. My message, beloveds, is for you to simply allow changes to unfold—within yourself, your family and friends, communities, countries, and your own dear planet, Mother earth. See these changes with a clear heart—not in sadness or pain, but as one open to the new life that unfolds.

Know these changes will initiate new beginnings for many. Those who have a clear understanding of this process and who can remain heart-centered within themselves in spite of what they see, know, or experience will not be drawn into the turmoil, the chaos, and the surrender of life to the cause. Many who read these words are the ones with the understanding of the progression of life on earth. Know that your light, your soul has been placed to assist in this process. Think of it as simply a season of change, a shift of energy, all preparing the way for new life to transition in peace, love, and balance.