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Polarization Increases Unity Consciousness

Polarization Increases Unity Consciousness Juliano, the Arcturians, Archangel Metatron, and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. In this lecture we will discuss the nature of polarization. You are all experiencing intense polarizations on earth and each of you may have different reactions them. But I am sure that you have also asked the questions, "Why am I experiencing these polarizations?" and "What benefit is it to my development to be here on earth during this intense period?" You also know that many of you have actually chosen to be on earth at exactly this time. You may find that rather perplexing. Why would you choose to incarnate at a time of intense polarization? And of course, the follow-up question is, why would the ascension and its energies be occurring during such polarization? I will try to answer these questions, but I first want to establish a foundation for exploring the nature of polarization.

The soul has the opportunity now to do an extreme amount of learning during an incarnation when polarizations are occurring. This explains why, from a soul level, you would choose to incarnate during a period of turmoil and polarization. The learning potential is extraordinary, and if you were honest with yourself, you would agree that you have learned a tremendous amount of new information, new ideas, and new emotional aspects of yourself that you never thought could be possible. This extraordinary learning has occurred in a brief period of time. It has occurred, though, during a period in which you have experienced a lot of frustration and perhaps some pain and discouragement.