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A Period of Chaos During the Integration Of Avatar Light

A Period of Chaos During the Integration Of Avatar Light The Great Wisdom and Mind of the Universe through Judith K. Moore

The energy of transformation and transcendence in the capacity earth has for infusing, generating, and using light has been altered. Earth is receiving wave after wave of cosmic particle form and cosmic light as the planet enters alignment with the galactic plane. The waves of energy are sent in patterns of light frequencies that are specific to astronomical alignment and astrological forces at play in the transformation of the holographic earth.

Please do not be confused because one source claims that you are experiencing the ninth galactic wave and another the sixth galactic wave. There are specific energy patterns present in each of these galactic waves, and all sources of information are valuable. Each of the cosmic messengers has a particular focus. The gifts of their messages should be embraced with gratitude and not compared to see who is right. They are all right. Each messenger reads a field that he or she is specifically tuned in to. These messages enhance your perceptual capacity as multidimensional light beings.