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In the Meantime

In the Meantime Stefanie Miller

I was waiting to write when I had something really inspirational and uplifting to say. I was hoping there would be a sudden shift, for my enlightenment to return and the storm clouds to pass. Sorry, but that is not the case. I was guided to write regardless, with a deeply personal and honest perception of the energy of late and my inner guidance.

I was on the phone with my dear friend the other day. She's experiencing health issues and I was expressing my frustration over my year-long battle with the legal system trying to get a loan modification. Here's how the conversation went: "Are you ready to give up your home if it comes to it?" My response: "Getting there!" "Are you ready to give up your uterus if it comes to that?" Her response: "Getting there!" We are being challenged to let go of whatever we thought we just could not live without, at the deepest level.