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Learning to Create from Pure Potential

Learning to Create from Pure Potential Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, I am Amman the Divine Mother and I am your mother. The spark of you grew in my womb before you separated from the oneness and became what can be called the everlasting soul energy that is you. This is the you that has incarnated time after time on this planet and others, in this galaxy and others. I am not talking about the you that goes by the name you call yourself in this lifetime. I am talking about the you that is the everlasting soul energy. This is the you your incarnated self often loses touch with.

I want to speak with you about creation, especially how we created you and how you can create. You notice I said, "How we created" and not "how I created." that which you call God is more than you can imagine in this world of duality and limitation that you have chosen to partner with us in creating. There is One who is pure consciousness and pure potentiality. This oneness contains the potential for every manifestation of creation you can imagine—and also those that cannot be imagined by your current limited imagination. Can you begin to open the limitations of your imagination by imagining what you have not previously been able to imagine?