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Finding Truth and Order Within

Finding Truth and Order Within Rhonda Smith

February (24/6) will help you to develop a deep sense of order within that will help you feel secure and gain inspiration from this place. To facilitate this, you will have increased sensitivity increasing your awareness of what is beneath the surface. Take the responsibility to put your life into harmony and balance with this added knowledge. The goal is to gain information from "invisible" forces in order to find truth and order, and thereby live with efficiency and economy.

You begin this month with the karmic energies of awakening. You may encounter sudden events that overthrow existing conditions, so stay in touch with your intuitive forces in order to formulate goals for your new world and find your true source of security—being "in your spirit." You begin with a day of reflection to connect with your intuitive energies and use them to do any necessary reconstruction of your mental energies into a positive force, uniting heart and head to find the truth. Then you have a day of easy-flowing energies that lets you examine any details that arise in your material world; be prepared, because much will occur spontaneously.