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Deep-Contact Thought Projection

Deep-Contact Thought Projection The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home, dear ones. We watch as all humans take another step up into an area never before entered. Your energy on an individual basis is starting to explode, and it is the most beautiful thing we have seen. We know it is difficult because you have built your entire existence in a very limited space you call "safety." But now there is no longer any limited space, and most of you are already beginning to release the body templates.

We did not think this would actually happen for several more years for most humans, and yet as you step even further into a new being, many humans are already starting to release the old templates that held your energy for so long. It is a new existence for each and every one of you that will allow you to carry more of your own spirit on a physical level. It is very challenging for many of you as you start to release this, because the emotions flood in, take all of your attention, and quite often distract and ground the energy in inappropriate places.