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Come from the Last Folding Into All That You Are

Come from the Last Folding Into All That You Are Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings! What a glorious time you are journeying through, as you emerge more and more from the old patterns and manners of experiencing your wondrous selves. Many of you have begun daring procedures to complete explorations in recent years, explorations that gave to you a type of fulfillment and then closed its doors to your entry.

You have wondered why, perhaps reflecting on your actions and trying to ferret out what you did wrong. You have taken upon your shoulders and hearts the blame for what appeared to be ill-conceived plans, hopes, and dreams. You have struggled to emerge from the deep soul disappointment that has clouded your ability to discern what was actually occurring. Oh beloved ones, now do we speak with you, and we speak to not only assist you in understanding what has been occurring but also to assist you in discerning what the next phase of your journey is.