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The Changing Roles of Water on Earth

The Changing Roles of Water on Earth Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Hello, sweet ones. I greet you once and always in a similar way—always in a simple greeting, always in a way that acknowledges the fullness that you are. There is indeed a fullness to you that encompasses your consciousness; you bring it to the moment, but it sleeps yet. It is not truly unconsciousness—it is simply a sleeping of consciousness itself. In other words, these are aspects that are no longer unconscious but are still becoming conscious.

Interestingly, this time that you are in now is a very conscious time, and yet it is also a time in which unconsciousness or the sleep mode is prevalent. Why? Because consciousness must be protected. Consciousness, like innocence, must be cared for. It must be nurtured. It must be uplifted. It must be enlivened and fed good-quality thoughts so that a good-quality life and journey will follow. Of course, if the life being lived is a quality life, the thought that all things suffer in some way is not being thought at all times, but so that humanity will not suffer from that awareness, much of your consciousness remains in a protected state.