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Building a Partnership With Your Higher Self

Building a Partnership With Your Higher Self Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, lightworkers. What wondrous masters you are! We know this because we connect with you as you read these words and we read your light, your aura, your resonant signature. Everything you are shines in and around you, and we derive great joy as we observe the love that fills your field, the truly vibrant love that you are. And the more love you enliven within your being, the more you shine. Some of you radiate like the sun on a clear day. And as you do, you actually impact all of the universe with such sweet energy that you raise the resonance of All that is. Good job!

Are you aware that those of you who shine thusly are cocreators with your own higher self, your counselors, and the divine? In fact, the brighter you shine—in other words, the more love you have in your resonant signature—the more elegantly and clearly the glorious partnership of cocreation flows. If you want to increase and enhance your abilities to manifest your dreams, we suggest you work on allowing the partnerships of your life to strengthen.