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Your Upgraded Energetic System

Your Upgraded Energetic System Ariel through Heather Wallace

As you continue to move forward in this unprecedented era of expansion, you are truly coming back to your self. What this means is that you are fleshing out the false beliefs and illusions about who you are and embracing a more authentic version of yourself. You are coming more into alignment with your highest self as you let go of the patterns, programs, and beliefs that limit you.

In this sense, you are each on a very personal journey of expansion. However, this journey allows you to step into a position of greater collective awareness and cohesiveness, thereby intricately affecting the whole through your own personal transformation.

So what does this mean for you exactly? How do you proceed in the years to come as you continue to align with the new vibration of the planet? Simply by being present in a physical body on the planet at this time, you received an upgrade to your energetic body. Energy now runs differently on your system than it did before, along with the emergence of the high heart chakra in the body (located between the throat and heart chakras).